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  1. RayBenefield
    Covet is a gametype designed around a pair of currently “bugged” ramp pieces with messed up collision boxes that allow you to hide within them. One of them you can see and shoot out of the front, the other you can’t. This allows players to eliminate safely from the “shadows” creating a unique stealth experience.

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    Scattered around the map are Silenced Pistols/SMGs/ARs, Stink Bombs, and Campfires. In order to collect loot you must risk leaving the shadows. Once your loot has been gathered, you may sneak around picking off others. Be wary of:
    • Your ammo count - as this will force you to leave the shadows to restore your resources
    • The sounds you make - as they will attract unwanted threats
    • The gunners - as they will alert predators to your location or weaken you for the picking
    The match is 10 mins long, players have 50 health, and they may use campfires to max their health to 100. Stink bombs can be used to flesh out campers, and SMGs/ARs act as harder to acquire upgrades for close and long range respectively.


    This is a favorite among my community of stream goers of the six maps that I have. This is the second published after Inception, and I have 4 more in testing. Hopefully in the coming weeks they will also be released. Feel free to join us for Solo Stream Snipes and Open Creative on my creations:
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