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    It all started back on the bus... that damn BUS! We dropped in and were facing to many other enemies, to many to count, they just kept coming one after another. In the mist of the battle some of us were teleported to an unknown land, some call it ‘LEVELS’, I call it hell...

    In my time here I have seen many attempt this journey and never come back, but during this time I have managed to put together that an entity of some sort known as The Ice King has trapped us in this unbreakable prison as a means of entertainment. I have a good feeling about this group though, maybe we can get out this time, hopefully for good!

    Good luck noobies, see you on the other side.

    Hello and welcome to @Nerrvouz and my puzzle game! This game is a two part puzzle game, half is a maze and the other half is parkour! This map is really difficult but everything is 100% possible! Advance through our maze of confusing levels and run through 20 parkour rooms to escape! First person to find the winning rift to go wins!

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