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Map Description

  1. GamingWithRage
    Announcer Introduction...
    "Welcome to Mazeing With Rage!

    The maze that will drive you crazy with a-maze-ing hidden tricks and turns! It will be in your best interest play smart, safe, and conservative!

    Mission objective, locate and acquire hidden weapons somewhere located on the map, first one to get a kill with a victory weapon wins the game!"

    Hi I made a really cool maze that I made for fun that I let my friends play and they loved it! So I shared it with people on Facebook and they loved it! So I decided to share it here!

    The maze is so simple it seems complex, it's meant to confuse you and make you feel like an idiot for not noticing where you were supposed to go! Some of the maze will make you question if it’s even possible! HINT: EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! The map has been tested many many times before it was shared and no bugs have been found yet. Changes are made every so often so my friends can come back and try it out again and again!

    My map is super huge and takes up over 90,000 Memory. So loading tends to take some time. Be patient if you are joining our game.

    Photos added don’t show much of the map inside as I don’t want photos to give any hints on how to complete the maze but I may add some videos of the maze in it's earlier versions.

    I have put about 13 - 14 hours into the map so far and am still adding on! Might even add a part two on another island!

    If you would like to play now you can add me.

    PSN and Epic Games: GamingWithRage

    - Must have a mic to hear me explain how the game works and to hear my hints.
    - Must be nice to other players in the game
    - Must not yell into the mic

    How to play...
    Starting from your personal spawn box, you need to work your way to the top where you will find tools needed to get to a victory weapon, after that simply get a kill!

    Video Preview Coming Soon!! Looking for an editor!!

Recent Reviews

  1. Johnink235 Johnink235
    Great map! Had trouble completing it but it was fun and I had a great time.
  2. Nerrvouz Nerrvouz


  1. Johnink235

    Johnink235 Marine

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    Great map! Had trouble myself but in the end it was a blast and I had fun.
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  2. GamingWithRage

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    Will be uploading new photos and some video footage hopefully soon!
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    WARHOLIC Administrator
    Staff Member Administrator

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    Very cool, would love to see some footage if possible :)
  4. GamingWithRage

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    I could upload a clip but it would ruin the fun for new players as they would know some of the ways to complete the map, any way I can have a staff member come play and check it out?

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