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    EPIC just launched Fortnite Season 7's first update on Dec 18, which seems to be teasing some pretty big new features and content coming to Creative Mode. Here's everything you need to know!

    Winter Themed Islands
    A cold front brings in 4 new Winter themed Islands you can select from the player Rift on the starter island.

    Winter Village Prefabs
    Add seasonal touches to your Islands with 6 new Winter Village Prefabs.

    • Added 4 new Winter Islands -
      • Selectable from the player Rift on the starter island
    • Players now have 2 total “The Block” Islands instead of 1.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed multiple issues with Island Rift Portals not behaving as expected.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Featured Island Rift Portals not functioning when more than 8 players joined a server.
    • Fixed player animation issues occurring after the “Reset Island” feature is used.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to build above the height limit, causing them to become stuck.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause a visiting player to lose the ability to select a Rift location if they leave and return to a host’s server.
    • Fixed issues with editing structures and placing Traps on other player’s Islands.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Switch players to be removed from a server when one or more players max out their available Island memory
    • Added new "Glider Redeploy" Island setting.
      • Controls whether players can glide after falling.
      • Default: On

    Bug Fixes

    • Explosives are no longer able to destroy structures when the “Building Damage in Game” setting is turned off.
    • Fixed players not sprinting after being in Fly Mode when both the “Auto Sprint” and “Toggle Sprint” settings were enabled.
    • Fixed an issue that would prevent a player’s health and shields from resetting when starting a game in Creative Mode.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause “Building Damage in Game” and “Block Building in Game” knobs to not function correctly.
    • Fixed issue that could sometimes cause repaired structures to revert back to their previously damaged state when a player leaves and comes back to their island.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting “My Island” from the in-game menus immediately after being eliminated.
    • Fixed players being spawned over the water when entering an Island in some cases.
    • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to jump after falling through the world.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issues where props could pass through the foundation structure of The Block Island.
    • Fixed rotated props becoming attached to the phone at strange angles when you interact with them.
    • Fixed props being unexpectedly dropped after carrying them far distances.
    • Added 6 Winter Village prefabs.
    • Added Holiday prop packs.
    • Added new cube colors to the Cube Gallery prefab.
    • Added logs and stumps to the Nature Gallery.
    • Added Winter Nature Gallery.
    • Added additional ramps and floors to the Obstacle Gallery.

    Bug Fixes

    • The “Peg Hop” prefab no longer spawns with a blocked staircase that requires players to destroy/build around it.


    • New Devices added:
      • Gunner - Stands and shoots at any player within a 2 tile radius.
        • Choose between Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, or Rocket Launcher.
    • Added new options to Player Spawners:
      • Added an option to hide the Player Spawner during Game.
      • Added an option to prioritize which Player Spawn to use when there are multiple to choose from.
      • Modified Island Start option to allow spawning for both Island and Game.
    • New Item Spawner settings:
      • Added an option to hide the Item Spawner during Game.
      • Added an option to customize the rate that items are spawned.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed players being unable to access Item Spawner options.
    • Fixed a visual issue that occurred if a player picked up a new trap while another was equipped.
      • This issue would cause the UI to update with the new trap but would place the original trap instead.
    • Fixed a visual issue causing the Ice Block to appear in-game as the Cozy Campfire model when looted from a chest.
    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the Grappler was not respecting the Infinite Ammo Island Setting.
    • Fixed an issue with player created chests would spawn on top of a structure above the player rather than in front of the player.
    • Fixed issues with players not being able to loot chests on another player’s island while in Game.
    • Fixed chests and Llamas being openable even if you didn’t have edit permission on another player’s island.
    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from joining the party of a Switch player in an active Creative server.
    • Initial loading improvements.
    • Optimized performance when players throw Playset Grenades.
    • Optimized networking memory usage.
    source: EPIC
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Discussion in 'News Articles' started by WARHOLIC, Dec 21, 2018.

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