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    Welcome to FortniteHub, a brand new community run website dedicated to featuring creative content all day long! We're here to help find the best community made maps and minigames made within Fortnite's Creative mode and share them with the rest of the world! Whether you are a creator or simply enjoy playing on community made maps, you've come to the right place. Our website just launched which allows people to upload and share their creative content on our platform. As a nice warm welcome, we're announcing this 'Creative Map Content' where we will be awarding a total of $1,500 the top 10 maps submitted to our site.

    Q. How do I create my own map in Fortnite?
    A. If all of this is new for you, please refer to the 'Fortnite Creative Mode Guide' to learn how to make your own Fortnite maps and mini-games.

    Q. Are there age requirements?
    A. No. Anyone who submits a map will be eligible to claim a prize.

    Q. Can I create this map with a friend of mine?
    A. Yes, we love seeing community collaboration! Co-authoring is allowed as long as a primary author can receive the contest winnings.

    Q. Can I submit more than one map?
    A. Yes, you can submit as many maps as you like however only one of your maps will be eligible for prizing.

    Q. Are remakes from (insert game here) allowed?
    A. Yes, remakes are allowed but will be subjected to more scrutiny on its level of accuracy and build quality. If a great map is remade we want to make sure its done exceptionally well.

    Q. Can I submit someone else's content?
    A. Nope. Anyone found to be plagiarizing maps from other creators will be disqualified, and shall forever be shunned by the FortniteHub community (so don't do it).

    Entries must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM on Feb 10th, 2019. There are no restrictions on what type of content you make so long as it can be played with a game mode. While we appreciate purely aesthetic creations for the sake of art, we want to encourage interactivity for this particular contest. That said, we think there's enough room for an unlimited amount of creativity to emerge from these guidelines. You can create maps with any player count or game mode imaginable. Here are some examples of what kind of maps you can create for this contest:
    • Battle Royale
    • Save the World
    • Deathmatch
    • Race
    • Puzzle
    • Mini-Game

    If you want to make something that's not on the list of categories above then feel free to do so, just make sure its playable for a specific game mode. If you create a new game mode, please describe it on your map page so we can learn all about it!

    To submit your map, simply create an account at, visit the "Maps" page and click on the "Add Map" button. Eligible submissions must contain at least 7 images per map. Although its not required, YouTube gameplay videos or map walkthroughs are heavily encouraged so we can view your creations more thoroughly. After publishing your map to FortniteHub, there is no further action required for your submission.

    Judging will commence immediately after the submission deadline and winners will be announced as soon as judging is completed. This typically takes approximately 2 - 4 weeks but since we're unable to download your maps and play them we will most likely be able to judge all entries within one week. Maps will be judged based on the images and videos you provide with your map post so please make sure images are clearly visible and show the best aspects of your work. We require at least 7 images for a valid entry and recommend to include a video of your map so we can better examine your work. We look forward to the day Epic grants all creators with the ability to share 'Island Codes' for their creations. Until then, we will have to make due with the current circumstances.

    Eligible map submissions will be judged based on:

    Game-type Support
    • Does the map function for a specific game-mode? Are all required objects and systems in place to successfully play that mode? Make sure your map is set up properly. If you created a new game mode that falls out of any category we tried to capture, please explain it as clearly as you can in your submission.
    Build Quality
    • Please try to make your object placement look intentional with objects lining up to eachother in a clean and organized way. If you're map is disorganized by nature, make sure it looks intentional and is cohesive with the art theme. Does your map have a variety of textures and objects? The creative mode offers a variety of textures and objects, try to make use of them to make your map stand out from the rest.
    • Does your map have an interesting design or appearance? Is the space fun to navigate through? Surprise us with a unique visual theme or an inventive game mode, sky's the limit!

    • Judge #2
    • Judge #3
    • Judge #4

    Nothing heats up these cold winter days like the burning desire to take home some of these fantastic prizes! We will be awarding $150 to each map that places in our top 10 for a grand prize pool of $1500.
    • Top 10 Maps Receive: $150 each
    • Total Prize Pool: $1,500
    There you have it! Get out there and make us proud, Hubbers.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by WARHOLIC, Dec 21, 2018.

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